MMC 6725 - Social Media and News

MMC6725: Final, Story Week 12

Is social media fueling mental illness?  Statistically speaking, you will spend approximately 50 minutes on Facebook, Messenger or Instagram today, The New York Times reported from Facebook. Now, that’s an average; your actual amount of time could be more or less. If you’re like me, you may be thinking, “That’s not that bad,” or “It… Continue reading MMC6725: Final, Story Week 12

MMC 6725 - Social Media and News

MMC6725: Story, Week 9: The Google Revolution

Anyone remember what life was like before Google? The search engine launched on September 4, 1998 and continues to change not only journalism, but also our lives. Google has provided us limitless information, at the tips of our fingertips, on our smart phones, laptops, tablets and desktops. Writing an article for your social media and… Continue reading MMC6725: Story, Week 9: The Google Revolution

MMC 6725 - Social Media and News

MMC6725: Assignment Week 5

On Wednesday night (9/21) there were several live streams from Charolotte, NC by my local news affiliates on Facebook. At the protest, there were tear gas and arrests. One person was shot and killed. One of the news stations had the following copy, “WARNING: This video is LIVE and UNEDITED.” This was from Tampa Bay… Continue reading MMC6725: Assignment Week 5

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MMC6725: Assignment Week 1

Basic Journalism Skills By now we have all heard about the incident that involved Ryan Lochte during the Olympics. Social media platforms have been cluttered with posts about the topic and today was no different. This time the news story is about how brands are dropping their sponsorships for the swimmer. The link to the… Continue reading MMC6725: Assignment Week 1

MMC 5006 - Multimedia Communication

MMC 5006 – Final Project, Spring 2016

*Please click the logo to be directed to company’s website Integrated Marketing/Media Communications Plan *For educational purposes only Company Analysis – &Barr Evaluation In March 2015, Fry Hammond Barr became &Barr. This rebrand came together after discussions of how the agency had changed since opening in 1957. A lot did change. While the agency is… Continue reading MMC 5006 – Final Project, Spring 2016

MMC 5006 - Multimedia Communication

MMC5006: In Your Words 12

This week we were given Facebook analytics for XYZ Company – name withheld for privacy.  We were also given the following background: XYZ Company is a heating and cooling company (HVAC) and in Western Massachusetts. They provide installations, maintenance and repair. In addition to this Facebook page, XYZ Company has a website, Twitter account, Yelp page… Continue reading MMC5006: In Your Words 12

MMC 5006 - Multimedia Communication

MMC5006 – In Your Words 11

Reputation Management The following are sample posts –  intended for class purposes only. Example One – Hyatt Regency Orlando *please click logo for link to website Travelwith3kiddos, First off, we wanted to thank you for choosing Hyatt Regency Orlando. We know that there are many options for travel in Orlando and we appreciate you staying with us… Continue reading MMC5006 – In Your Words 11

MMC 5006 - Multimedia Communication

MMC5006 – In Your Words 10

WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photography Expo March 7 – 9, 2016     (Please click each icon to be directed to the social channel/blog) This post is for educational purposes.  For this year’s WPPI Expo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, mobile application and their blog were utilized. The top two channels were Facebook and Twitter, while the… Continue reading MMC5006 – In Your Words 10